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Code of Conduct for Investor relations officers (IROs)

  • Conduct duties with integrity and professional manner

  • Disclose effectively to ensure that all stakeholders receive accurate, timely and precise information on equal basis

  • Ensure that relevant stakeholders are able to access and inquire for necessary information

  • Confidential information and any inside information for personal benefits are strictly prohibited

  • Conduct regular update to refresh wider knowledge, rules and regulations to enhance IRO's effectiveness

  • Silent period for 15 calendar days before the announcement date (IROs should not conduct any meeting with investor or analyst 15 calendar days before the announcement date)

  • Investor relation officers are prohibited to trade the company and subsidiaries’ stock during the period 45 calendar days (for Quarterly closing) and 60 calendar days (Year-end closing) starting from accounting period end date or the period starting from accounting period end date up to SET announcement date

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